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When Lord Chief Justice Lindblom QC at the end of 2018 in the High Court referring to the national and other shopkeepers “Tribunal” they experienced five years earlier. The Lord Chief Justice said he couldn’t understand how their Tribunal arrived at their decision based upon the evidence before them, with the Supreme Court confirming later as the Valuation Office Agency were refused an appeal at the High Court so the V.O.A just utilised more taxpayers money, took it to the Supreme Court and failed again.

And that everyone was Justice served despite the wasteful use of taxpayers money. That Justice the ordinary homeowners scammed cannot afford and therefore have no access to, which formed just a part of these public servant criminals modus operandi. The V.O.A means, motive and opportunity also established.

Well may I write Lord Chief Justice, we were most unfortunate to have had three of these abominable (Tribunals) where evidence was ignored and or buried under the Holiday Inn carpet due to conspired collusion between the Valuation Office Agency and themselves. With Soviet styled Tribunals processing innocent homeowners, the decision pre-prepared even before the innocent homeowners arrived, trusting and unsuspecting as who could, or would have considered V.O.A colluding and corrupt Tribunals?

NO ONE I would suggest

Fraudulently manipulating the poor homeowners or tenants to what was termed a “point of law” but was found ultimately lawless, breaching our laws and legislations, the Parliamentary Act and much else, all three of them rigged. There was no impartiality and potentially the same for our Business Ratepayer Tribunals, but I can only speak for our three shameful events.

Is the Valuation Office Agency and those who work for it above the law Prime Minister, Lord Chancellor and Permanent Secretary H.M.R.C Are they untouchable? as they have been behaving like they are and for quite some time it appears.

Homeowners & tenants of the United Kingdom were and maybe still are being defrauded, so please check your council tax bands haven’t changed and been uplifted as our experiences suggest you would not have been informed or properly notified?.

Those of you who have moved, or built any form of extension as these scams are triggered by some action like ours were. So check and check again as the V.O.A and those conspiring to scam the public have been scamming us and others before us and the corruption and covering up has been quite appalling the Cameron Government serious attempts to stop them failed otherwise those in our community would not have suffered such corruption.


A favoured word of this Establishment (Independent ) unless corrupt and covering up, like the (Independent) Adjudicator it was discovered. Found to be very far away from being impartial, another word, but that was pre-warned by whistle-blowers, and confirmed later and proven. Rigged, corrupt Soviet styled Tribunals where innocent & unsuspecting families are criminally manipulated to a point of despair, not a point of law from these rigged pre-prepared Tribunals.

That amongst other things was just part of the scammers modus-operandi in these public servant frauds to us, the vulnerable homeowners and tenants. And the evidence now clearly places it in the lap of Government and not the defrauded citizens ,so shoulder your responsibilities Prime Minister, Cabinet and the Civil Service

Our Police Service were handcuffed to the railings by the term civil, despite the evidence, and our Government and its anti-corruption champion John Penrose MP for Weston Super Mare with his team of anti-corruption civil servants at the Home Office completely silent and inactive throughout, heads down in their bunkers, quite shameful.

Just why are the taxpayers paying for you Mr John Penrose M.P the alleged Prime Ministers anti-corruption champion? Silent and unresponsive in their “bunkers” which I hope are not citizen proof from public outrage everybody should feel once they understand what happened and was going on even before us.

Last but not least our own MP Joy Morrissey who I met after she was elected in the late 2019 General Elections. We met in the Taplow Village Hall in early February 2020 where papers, evidence etc were handed over and we had a chat. I thought her very nice and she seemed like a get up and go individual, and there was the problem. Joy Morrissey MP did get up and go, never to be seen or heard from again and it’s been two years this month of February over six years in total

But unknown to me afterwards as she didn’t acknowledge our meeting as would be courteous and normal, she had run down into her bunker too, and to date February 2022 has remained silent and unresponsive to everything so…….

I’m sorry Joy Morrissey M.P, H.M Courts & Tribunals & Mr Robert Buckland Q.C.M.P Justice Secretary as now over 6 years of rigged Tribunals, corruption, covering up and abuse is quite enough for anyone, thank you.

Innocent and undeserving citizens scammed by civil servants and their sordid conspiring accomplices do not need further covering up silence and inaction from our establishment and those elected. Especially my wife and I and our friends and neighbours for 47 years at the farm, ruthlessly scammed and extorted for thousands upon thousands of pounds as we both received the very unpleasant brunt of these bullying and abusive public servant frauds


So its precisely why Government in the end had to call in a true honest independent, a Bishop regarding the Gosport War Memorial Hospitals horrendous exposures.

And why H.M.R.C eventually had to call in a Laura Whyte from HR John Lewis Partnership PLC over their internal staff abuse & bullying issues, so they have the same problems within H.M.R.C that their Executive Arm inflicts out to us, the home owning council taxpaying public and tenants.

And even the week 22nd May 2021 the B.B.C and the Lord Dyson report as Sir Tony Hall failed as he gave the benefit of doubt he said? Is Boris Johnson the PM and Government doing the same as Tony Hall?  The evidence of these scams, unearthed & exposed for quite a while, six years to be exact,  yet the abusive and uncaring Government silence continues?

Will these events also have to be covered up for 25 years Joy Morrissey MP for Beaconsfield, with an additional role of private secretary to the Foreign Office and First Minister you acquired in 2020 the year we met, your reference JM134. A new additional job making you too busy for your abused, defrauded constituents? now moved to be the Prime Ministers PPS in 2022 passed over from Dominic Raab MP

Given the collusion between the Valuation Office Agency and these “Tribunals” sponsored by what was known as the Department for Communities & Local Government, ours held in a back room at the Holiday Inn Aylesbury.

Given that Government remain silent and inactive, I must say now that any appearance at a Tribunal concerning council taxes, or even business rates given the High Court and Supreme Court cases of the National shopkeepers and other business ratepayers, they may be considered very UNSAFE and advice will follow should one be needed. It may be much safer to wait and first attend a Magistrates, but more on that at the bottom of this page.

The evidence of that was provided to the elected Ministers responsible for this Department, the first was Greg Clark MP and his panicking civil servant who then immediately shut down.

Later came the first rigged and Department of Community’s sponsored soviet styled Tribunal. We experienced a further two abominations later, one for our elderly neighbours over at the Farm and I represented them with a another along, who made a statement of the proceedings. Later this corrupt Valuation Office Agency CT East Listing Officer Andrew Corkish manipulated me to a third event, although the same as the first in order to cover up and attempt to intimidate like they did to my wife and our neighbour, that alone explains much.

That conspired one I didn’t attend as had the evidence by then. Oddly the corrupt VOA listing Officer tried another avenue regarding a late 1920-1930s Women’s underwear and Hosiery factory, I was sent pages of rubbish to confuse and what has ladies underwear to do with our council tax? What it did confirm was the corruption was deeper within the Tribunal Service, the cover ups and the closing of ranks quite astounding and quite criminal.

So obviously I needed two of these lawless “points of law” corrupt abominations for the same thing? The intention to intimidate and to make me give up, and all three corrupt and colluding and later you can read the evidence on that.


I did not attend the third V.T.S Tribunal, once bitten twice shy, a third time a fool it’s said plus there was a lot of flu about then. Was this civil servant I was put through to from Greg Clarks office as he was the Minister of the Department of Communities and Local Government at the time blocked my communications. Was he aware back then what was going to happen?

If not then why panic as much as he did, as you did didn’t you Mr Richard McDonagh civil servant after initially being helpful and at that time I didn’t even know about the Tribunals until advised by our M.P later so what were you up to, shutting down blocking the email, returning hard copy?

Yes this Mr McDonagh civil servant even returned hard copy sent and dived under his desk after I must have said something concerning for him. But oddly they were just council tax questions then, but he was panicking and from that point, I knew something more serious was involved after we had the V.O.A barge into our home to defraud us, with a bit of abuse, deception, bullying and lies in the mix culminating in the loss of our cancer care utility and a monthly demand for £450 council tax. I was unaware another was being extorted for £22,000 they never owed as it later transpired, as my wife and I didn’t owe this money either.

All the Ministers Clark, Javid, Brokenshire all advised remained in their “bunkers” looking the other way, silent and unresponsive just like the criminal civil servants who had abused and defrauded us. One of them even later became the Home Secretary, still silent. That typical behaviour is precisely what has allowed these scams to proliferate and continue . Coupled with our Police Service handcuffed by the word (Civil) with these appalling rigged Tribunals.Then the now proven whitewash adjudicator and “impartial” she wasn’t, another alleged Independent, far from it.

Last but not least what was found to be a pointless retreating “we have insufficient powers” P.H.S.O the last in this corrupt, closing of ranks citizens complaints system for the trusting, unsuspecting citizens. Who did nothing citing these “insufficient powers” so I replied they should have then passed it all to our Police Service and Crown Prosecution Service, they didn’t respond to that of course

The Valuation Office Agency have been getting away with them time, after time after time and unless the United Kingdom homeowners, tenants and our businesses complain, and this website is not circulated to each and every one of us, the Valuation Office Agency will get away with them AGAIN and more innocent families will be abused and defrauded by this Agency and their staff we pay for?

The British people must not let that happen a third time, you all deserve much better and you don’t deserve to be scammed by those you trust and pay for, so look out for your neighbours, the single elderly in your communities and keep the V.O.A from your homes, either owned or tenanted and after further evidence our small and large businesses and shopkeepers too.


These V.O.A “unwanted council taxes” were termed civil we found when lodging a written police complaint for fraud, but evident now they were criminal and proven so. You do not have to attend one and can await a Magistrates, as if you don’t pay your council will need to take you there.

There you will be free and able to provide the evidence of fraud if that is the case, rather than be gagged as you had already passed through one of their sponsored and rigged Soviet styled Tribunals. But if you went, first determine if the oath will be sworn, if not then do not attend or even apply and wait to attend a Magistrates.

Identify properly the two supposed members of the public, if they refuse to provide formal ID like a driving licence as one example, get up and walk away. Ideally too with their permission take photographs for identification if needed later.

Request any “decision” paper is signed by the two alleged members of the public and confirm you want the legislation and the clause they were working from logged on any decision advised. If they refuse then walk away. Ideally take two witnesses minimum and record the proceedings.

But I say once more as they stand today April 5th 2022 attending one is very, very unsafe until this Conservative  Government takes firm and definitive action as they will need to regarding the complaints path of the untruthful and whitewashing adjudicator and found to be a pointless retreating P.H.S.O or Parliamentary Ombudsman.

As it stands today each household, family or tenant and our business ratepayers, each is on their own and unprotected given the lack of action by Government, so it is in your interest to protect yourselves regarding these termed  ( unwanted council taxes ) and business rates.


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