It was our direct next door neighbour for over 25 years who first informed us of her circumstances in that her band had been raised quietly and surreptitiously from F to G raising her council taxes by over £400 a year now risen by 15% already with more to come I expect

She happened to notice it on her 2015-2106 district council tax statement and amounts. Scammed in late February 2015 eight months before us, she had lodged an appeal, but the second she put pen to the form she had no chance as she had been defrauded.

Later finding out there were two more neighbours as all three had constructed an addition or improvement to their homes which they were fully entitled to do as hundreds of thousands of others have done the last few years.

So there were now the three of them, all three bedroom detached houses Band F the 1st April 1993 that legislation still current and active thanks to Sir Eric Pickles M.P.

Then 8 months  later to cover up, my wife and I were defrauded but with a band A at an extra £130 a month in addition, but part of the scamming to make us a band G too as they planned to delete this band A so we would be pleased to take the G band at over £400 instead of £1,700 pa

But it did not work for them and like the other three why didn’t we become one eight months earlier, the V.O.A knew everyone’s circumstances but we were not one of their targets.

We had not added to our home since 1985 and were left alone, but they had to return eight months later to cover up what they had done.

As it was a scam that’s why and evidence now proves well beyond any doubt it was fraud in this supposed V.O.A (civil) matter and why our Police Service were metaphorically speaking “handcuffed” to the railings by the term.

They did nothing when a joint written complaint with evidence for fraud was lodged at Maidenhead Police Station.                    

Later another neighbour was found, a farm tenant, an incapacitated lady at the time, being ruthlessly extorted for £22,000 they never owed by these dishonest V.O.A civil servants from Reading Berkshire aided by the District Council.

So if those from the V.O.A can scam and cheat someone in cancer recovery, causing the loss of their cancer support utility room and defraud and bully an elderly , intimidated incapacitated lady for thousands of pounds, just what else have they done to others?

 more on all this later………………………..,


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