April 2022 updated. News today 16th Sept 2021 that Robert Buckland was sacked said news report but not due to his silence and avoidance concerning these public servant crimes. Maybe as he lost £1.7 million from a senior civil servant scam within his own department or that the Justice system appears to be ineffective in dealing with cases. Not sorry to hear this news after such shameful avoidance, but he was still provided a knighthood for failure many say, but he was not the first, that once great honour diminished.

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who look on and do nothing about it. Einstein 1879 – 1955


Homeowners, tenants our businesses too, are extremely vulnerable to the Valuation Office Agency modus operandi and methods, accompanied by those colluding and covering up unless you have financially deep pockets like the shopkeepers Tesco, Sainsbury and another, even though competitors they combined together in late 2018 and on behalf of smaller shops. Amazon Cannock Chase another retrieving millions in business rates they didn’t owe. The shopkeepers awarded nearly half a billion in overpaid business rates, both had a V.O.A “Tribunal” We experienced three of the corrupted abominations.

Those of you who may have cared for elderly parents up to the end of life? That family care was shamefully exploited and used to extort £22,000 from a vulnerable neighbour some nine years later. Please read the letter to Matt Hancock in the Prime Ministers letters section. That’s how out of control the Valuation Office Agency has been allowed to become?

The three national supermarkets took the VOA to the High Court some five years after their own Department of Communities sponsored “Tribunal” and two years after scrutiny from the cross party Treasury Select Committee, ending in their failure to address anything.

But the acquired evidence is clear that citizens scammed should have no need to have to do the same, as it’s now become Governments responsibility to deal with and to provide financial restitution for the loss of our cancer support utility, time having to fight the corruption and damages for what was inflicted by these civil servants upon my wife and I and our farm neighbour and for now 6.5 years.

Our council tax demands doubled to £450 a month, another family being extorted for a sum of £22,000 proven now neither of us owed, or did the other three neighbours owe their fraudulent uplifted bands either and yet ……(here I am over 6.5 years later in March 2022) It is difficult to portray, to put over the feeling and the distress at the time, would we need to lose our home, as no we couldn’t afford such a monthly council tax demand.


My wife and I and our friends and neighbours over at the Farm for 47 years received the brunt of these fraudulent bullying crimes and ironically both of us now termed senior citizens. Our cancer support facility gone, our neighbour over at the farm fearful, tearful and distraught at the heap of council tax demands falling through their letterbox without warning for £22,000 ultimately proven she never owed as we never owed the fraudulent demands made to us?

Not owed as we had all been scammed, defrauded and bullied by this Valuation Office Agency as the lead party and our District Council aiding them, and all that was in September 2015 so like others before us, it shows just how events like these are handled by the Establishment and Government and it’s more than disgraceful.

But that was just the START it got very much worse with corrupt and rigged Tribunals, metaphoric handcuffed police as it was termed “civil” we found out, a very dishonest and corrupt, covering up Adjudicator, and finally a retreating Ombudsman saying they had “insufficient” powers, could it have been worse?

Yes as all throughout the abusive years this Government, its Ministers, the pointless Prime Ministers anti-corruption M.P and H.M.R.C the heads of the Civil Service remained as silent as the crooks that scammed us and others before us, ending up with the new M.P for Beaconsfield Joy Morrissey beating a retreat after we met face to face on the 8th February 2020

Straight after without acknowledging our meeting, Joy Morrissey MP went silent & unresponsive and this month of March 2022 its been over 24 months, so has our M.P been told to behave like that, is she covering up? We don’t know, but we will determine that eventually so now forced to this website after over 6 years to warn others as I advised them a number of times. I considered it a last resort as public trust is important, and I still think that, but not to such a strong degree if it allows this type of behaviour from H.M public servants, Government and the Establishment and it wasn’t even the first time we know from Lord Eric Pickles so how many were there before us, both council taxpayers and business ratepayers?


Yet we all have the only party of law and order said the Home Secretary, the Prime Minister only this month stating that we must (Come down hard on criminals making our lives a misery), so what about yours as the theoretical Head of our Civil Service Prime Minister?

As they made our lives a damned misery and that of our poor elderly neighbours being bullied & ruthlessly extorted for many thousands of pounds they never ever owed and never had. Openness and Transparency preached Mr Buckland Q.C.M.P Lord Chancellor. We have seen NONE Mr Buckland, NONE

What about those V.O.A & V.T.S charlatans and the whitewash untruthful adjudicator Mr Johnson, Mrs May? Homeowners being illegally forced to the only solution of the High Court was part of the fraudulent actions and modus operandi of these very dishonest civil servants and those who colluded with them and covered up for them.


The shopkeepers had restored in the High Court, nearly half a billion pounds of business rates returned to them and the smaller shopkeepers they represented according to the Financial Times. Lord Chief Justice Lindblom stated that he could not understand how their “Tribunal” arrived at their decision based upon the evidence before them?

Well Lord Chief Justice Lindblom it just may have been similar to our three, as ours were rigged, lying and corrupt and why no oath was ever sworn at these shameful events and abuses to the citizens. The very day the V.O.A fled from our front door avoiding questions, sealed the corruptive behaviour of these rigged Soviet styled so called Tribunals


Even though the Treasury Select Committee In 2016 had the V.O.A and Penny Ciniewicz the Chief Executive then, sitting right in front of them on the very subject that went to the High Court. The V.O.A glibly talked their way around this Select Committee of cross party MPs who failed to achieve anything and had been made aware these council tax scams had started up again, or were simply carrying on after the Cameron Government actions against the V.O.A

So the V.O.A off the hook once again after the David Cameron Government failed to reign them in either, (but they tried at least) which is more than we have experienced from the last two Prime Ministers and Government, otherwise our small community would not have been abused and defrauded for a lack of focus and sufficient action and how many before us and even after us and why now its become necessary before I return to my retirement before we were scammed, and abused, to do this website to WARN others as our MP Joy Morrissey has been found ineffectual as well as disappearing.

Very sad as she is not bound by Parliamentary protocols others MPs are, so rather than representing her constituents it looks like she has failed us, even covering up, but that is yet to be determined although it’s now 24 months since our first face to face meeting. So we will leave it for others to consider once they have read the evidence and facts surrounding these abusive frauds perpetrated upon the British people whilst in their own homes

Amazon Warehouses Cannock Chase also retrieved back several millions of pounds at the High Court too. Homeowners, tenants and our small businesses have no chance and our country, where you will be scammed by those you pay for from the public purse. Then corruptly forced through one of these rigged soviet styled Tribunals, fighting silence after the public services and Government shutters descend and the complaints path seriously flawed through corruption or covering up some would say, no corruption IS the appropriate word.


Our Tribunal was held in a back room of a Holiday Inn in Aylesbury with complimentary tea and biscuits to make you feel at ease, trusting and of course we were and should have been trusting, more fool us in retrospect.

These frauds were clearly organised by those higher up in the pecking order than the V.O.A scammers who barged into our home to intimidate and defraud, oddly no one has wished to meet since and discuss. Latterly not even our Parliamentary representative Joy Morrissey MP who disappeared after only one face to face initial meeting never to be heard from or seen since?

These Soviet styled Tribunals where NO OATH is ever taken and the poor innocent homeowners are like rabbits in the headlights, unaware and trusting and that is the worst and grinding part. We were trusting too, until the clear evidence of fraud was discovered, but the Valuation Office Agency steel doors had dropped the very moment the V.O.A rapidly departed through our front door of our home avoiding any questions.


Evidence at our Tribunal was swept under the carpet or ignored and the unsuspecting homeowners are taken to what they term a “point of law” but a point of lawlessness as it turned out, the Parliamentary Act given by Parliament and our Members of Parliament to the Valuation Tribunal Service, used and very, very much abused

I had prepared multiple copies of the detailed evidence and the modus operandi of these people up to that point and in detail. I hadn’t foreseen or expected the collusion and corruption, indeed who would or could have, so my work and the evidence in vain.

From that point I knew it was likely to be a bit of an uphill slog, but didn’t anticipate over 6 years and did not anticipate just how much corruption and covering up was yet to come, although the uncomfortable whistle-blower warning signals were telling me all was not likely to be well and later they were proven correct and very accurate.

The Tribunal Service ignore any written complaint in breach of their Parliamentary Act as I wrote one and sent it to Doncaster and a copy to a Mrs Galbraith the chairperson at the time now retired. So then I continued on the path of the citizens complaints system that others will have walked before me, being abused and insulted every step of the way for over 3.5 years nearly 4 taken from my retirement and now it’s become 6 years 5 months now so enough abuse thanks.


We all know from the past, anything like this, covering up and avoidance can go on well over 6 years but my duty is done, the evidence provided. We just like other homeowners do not have the funding for a High Court, but shouldn’t need it now as the evidence clearly places it into the lap of this Government & Establishment who remain silent and unresponsive to these frauds upon us all.

That evidence provided to the Government and the Establishment, H.M.R.C and others including Parliament. All I got back was silence and much avoidance, the same we all got from the criminals who scammed us and other homeowners and tenants too before us.

Now a warning before I go and FROM HERE ITS DOWN TO OUR SOCIETY, EACH COUNCIL TAXPAYER TO PROTEST AND COMPLAIN so please stand up and be counted for your homes and your families protection, your neighbours and your businesses too.

Openness and Transparency remember current Justice Secretary the Rt. Hon Robert Buckland Q.C.M.P. Your words not mine as you have been made fully aware, then kept up to date like others. But I expect you were busy with your own H.M civil servants, one senior who stole from your own Justice Department £1.7 million pounds of taxpayers money you were responsible for.

The Police metaphorically handcuffed and would or could not not act despite the evidence provided, the now proven whitewash and untruthful adjudicator, then the retreating doing nothing P.H.S.O or Parliamentary Ombudsman.

Quite, quite unbelievable, the levels of deceit, covering up and corruption and in my own Country not some Banana Republic.


I was gagged at the Magistrates, yes gagged as I pushed for one via the council which had a new interim temporary Chief Executive by then after the one colluding had fled, and I hadn’t paid the demands at that time and had closed my direct debit to the colluding District Council.

I pushed for one but mostly for investigative purposes to better understand the modus operandi of this Government Agency and it’s dishonest and un-civil servants. To discover just how they have been getting away with defrauding homeowners for so long and now its very plain to understand.

How many other district councils are involved with the V.O.A to scam their council taxpayers is undetermined, but unfortunately ours was involved, aiding and abetting the V.O.A leading the scams on all the five households. The most hurtful part was having to pay a victims surcharge, yet we were the victims?

The V.O.A themselves just remain silent and unresponsive and that goes right to the top, the very top. Our Police do nothing as supposedly civil but it was criminal, they apologised so that’s alright then? Once again never mind the black & white evidence.

Then rigged and corrupt Tribunals standing by waiting for any homeowner who simply questions, the pre-warned and since proven whitewash and very untruthful supposed independent Adjudicator, there is that word again “independent” the Establishment like. Finally the Parliamentary Ombudsman pleading they had “insufficient powers” before retreating doing absolutely nothing.

Every MP their hands tied from protocols except ones own member of Parliament, and ours is a Joy Morrissey MP who after our short first meeting where paper work was handed over, the evidence explained regarding the five of her constituents that were defrauded.

Although Joy never acknowledged afterwards which would have been more professional, I found later she had done nothing, and that busy doing nothing approach has gone on 18 months, hence this central point website for the citizens and for their own protections and awareness, as I do not want others to experience the same if the Valuation Office Agency start these scams yet a third time.


So why have these people not been arrested? the status quo restored to those three others who remain a G band when legally they were and still should be an F band, as those two young families in new builds who waited over 12 months to be banded an F band absolutely appalling!

But too late now for my wife and years of abuse then cover ups,we have moved from our home for 47 years due to these abusive civil servants of the Crown operating for this Conservative Government and the Prime Minister, the theoretical head of the Civil Service. The silence and avoidance, but it would not have been much different with an alternate Government as made clear by Mr & Mrs Tanners evidence lodged in the Parliamentary Archives.


Mr & Mrs Tanner’s evidence regarding the Office Valuation Agency and the Ombudsman gets an unpleasant mention, the problem isn’t Just one or two the problem Prime Minister is systemic throughout what can be termed the Establishment.

We needed our cancer support utility and medical equipment room restored, but with the covering up, the silent avoiding Government still unresponsive and the V.O.A Reading, London and Nottingham likewise, we had to leave our family home where we had lived and brought up our family for 47 years.

To restore our cancer support utility, but also to place my intimidated wife closer to our daughter and her family given my health after my cancers.

It necessitated relocation, but I had to have installed a stair-lift to access, as we never needed one as we had a bedroom and facilities downstairs, legally in our former home until this V.O.A Government Agency barged in to defraud us, using the term Lord Pickles had written, and he was quite right?

Full details are available on the November 2020 pdf statement to our Member of Parliament for Beaconsfield Joy Morrissey MP. Also the December 2020 pdf statement regarding our neighbour over at the farm being extorted for many thousands of pounds they never owed.


They both show how dangerously over confidant and abusive the V.O.A had been allowed to become, despite the Cameron Government actions to make them cease & desist these so called unwanted council taxes, but proven much more than just “unwanted”.

No, these criminals assumed they had it all sewn up as the closing of ranks the covering up would come into play and it has done, as even Parliament were hung up by their own “protocols” inactive.

But the V.O.A and their staff didn’t let protocols, rules, our laws get in the way of scamming the British people, plus abusing us all when needed and if this Government doesn’t act then they will have it sewn up, and why this website became necessary after years of seeking acknowledgment and a little justice for my wife and I.

Yes, and our 4 other neighbours and all those scammed before us with Lord Pickles term of (Unwanted Council Taxes) yes unwanted, but also criminal fraud and a very corrupted complaints avenue, quite remarkable.


Our new M.P Joy Morrissey from the last General Election, where we lost Dominic Grieve M.P met with me face to face last February 2020 and hasn’t been seen since, doesn’t respond and I was considering reporting her (missing in action) to the Police and her Conservative Party.

But no, she just went down into her personal bunker like the other 600 M.Ps or so, Government, the Justice Secretary, the Prime Minister and his dog Dylan, and remained silent like those who scammed, bullied and defrauded us all, and many out there before us and maybe after us, I don’t know with all the silence coupled with unresponsiveness and avoidance.

Another reason for this website Prime Minister, Mr Rishi Sunak MP and Jim Harra H.M.R.C as you all seem most reluctant to protect the homeowners, tenants or our businesses from a second virus, but of corruption and abuse and to those that fund the public purse. The Cameron Government at least tried to put a stop to it but I also realise now those homeowners who were scammed and had their bands raised were probably never put back to their legal status quo.

But many homeowners will have paid up, or even not known they had been scammed dependant their council band before, like one of my neighbours for nine months, till he found out from one of the others scammed.

For many I hope, it would have been just a few hundred pounds per annum on top, translating from £25 up to £50 a month extra, but we ended up with a £450 a month doubling our council tax bill. Our friends and neighbour, farming tenants and the same family tenanting since 1946, received extortion demands for £22,000 the V.O.A thought they had provided for the District Council and the colluding Chief Executive until I stepped in between them to stop their abuse to her.


The District Council Chief Executive who fled without notice after the second rigged Tribunal I carried out on their behalf, and after I requested a formal face to face meeting with him at the Denham Council Offices as I had sent him the evidence of fraud, so he just upped and ran off. No one ever wanted to meet me, and even after one meet our M.P appears to have run off too, but without “stepping down” like the Council Chief Executive colluding with the V.O.A

So one homeowner never knew for nine months he had been defrauded and only then as it was pointed out to him, but he was overly busy with work, keeping a roof over his family’s heads, like millions of other families. He had stuck the March 2015/2016 council tax annual advice behind the toaster and hadn’t even read it, does that sound familiar?

He along with the others signed a V.O.A Authority to Act form for me for what it was found to be worth, that was nothing, a fat zero. Trusting and unknowing, busy running their lives, most paid up and didn’t choose a Tribunal they viewed as a Court, but it wasn’t even a proper Tribunal, so defrauded if you chose one and defrauded if you didn’t.

The amounts scammed vary dependant on what council tax band one had, but one was scammed for £22,000 they never owed, our monthly council tax doubled to around £450 a month, but remember (Its for the life you remain in your homes) and with the legal increases its a scam that keeps and keeps on giving, and giving for as long as those defrauded remain in their homes.

My wife and I in our family home paid the correct council taxes and never missed any during the period of 47 years. Work it out for those of you scammed. Appalling, shameful, these words don’t cover it, we are NOT living in a Banana Republic, or maybe we are now and I never noticed.


This organisation that every one of you pays for via your taxes, is the very last opportunity for the aggrieved citizen to obtain any form of Justice, potentially any recompense. The final part of what was found to be the most corrupt and covering up complaints system for the people that one could imagine, but I had to pass through it all to confirm that myself.

The irony is the people are paying for themselves to be abused by this Central Governments complaints path, one truly could not make it up and none of it is, I wish it was.

Currently a Mr Rob Behrens oversees this Organisation and is Executive Chair along with eight Board members paid one assumes from the public purse too. It took years to reach this outfit, being abused every inch of the path I trod purposely to investigate.

One has to have their complaint signed through by their own Member of Parliament. Our case was undertaken by a person a caseworker who I will term L.S who rang me at Home after I had been processed by the corrupt, covering up proven Whitewash Adjudicator based in Nottingham alongside the H.M.R.C and the V.O.A.

Given the P.H.S.O had held the complaint and evidence from June that year until March the following year and had persuaded me to go through this warned Adjudicator after we laid a formal Police complaint but that path was blocked by the one word civil anything but.

But whilst the complaint was actually in the hands of this whitewash adjudicator and in process, believe it or believe it not yet a third Tribunal came up, for the same thing as the first, well that was just for intimidation purposes and to make me give up, as one cant have two points of lawlessness for the same thing can they?

What it did reveal though, but I already suspected, is that the Valuation Tribunal staff were directly involved and right up to the top of the organisation as the V.O.A were as the covering up went to the top of the V.O.A the V.T.S staff were directly engaged.

This young lady from the P.H.S.O rang me at home to inform me that the P.H.S.O didn’t have sufficient powers to deal with our case and in short that was that, from their end anyway but not ours.

I sent the P.H.S.O copies of communications on the ongoing case of fraud, corruption, criminality, abuse and bullying, the threat of legal action from the V.O.A Director, Dominic Grieves input.

Later SL the caseworker at the P.H.S.O offices sent me an email stating they never read anything I had sent after her “we have no powers” phone call so there you go people. Update September 8th 2021 the Parliamentary Ombudsman case worker who I now will refer to a LS asked me to remove her full name as she wrote she has no authority to make decisions but I suspected it wasn’t her who decided to attempt to cover up using a pitiful excuse to do nothing.

But the only “decision” made was to plead “insufficient powers” and retreat doing nothing. What they should have done was to report the events to the police & Government given the evidence and the history surrounding these scams or unwanted council tax. But they didn’t so I suspect the public will view that as a cover up, given the shocking corruption in the complaints path before it reached the P.H.S.O Parliamentary Ombudsman signed through from our MP Dominic Grieve QC

I would like at this point to thank the website https://phsothetruestory.com/ first for their kind support and offer to place some of the past 6 years of corruption and cover ups concerning the abuses imposed upon UK citizens young and old, families, pensioners it mattered not in the quest for council cash and by any means.

Sir Eric Pickles initially discovered it was going on and later myself confirming, but with more information and evidence than the simple term of (Unwanted Council Taxes) and the two words openness and transparency, words of the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary who unfortunately has never seemed to have abided by them himself throughout this investigative journey.

Neither this Government, its Ministers, Central Government the V.O.A perpetrators and their colluding partners in the VTS neither H.M.R.C the Adjudicator or finally the P.H.S.O or Ombudsman mentioned by Mr & Mrs Tanners evidence in the archives and on the banners of the families relating to Gosport Memorial Hospital and the alleged abominations that were going on there and being covered up.


Now it has to be up to the people after the years obtaining evidence, fighting the cover ups, as I return to my retirement. Reluctantly I will have to leave it for others in our Society as Government, even Parliament lacks the will to protect constituents, the UK Homeowners, Tenants and our Businesses from their own corrupt dishonest civil servants from this V.O.A Government Agency, the Executive Arm of H.M.R.C.

Mr & Mrs Tanner’s evidence in the Parliamentary Archives was found to be truthful and accurate from our experiences too. What a corrupt mess our Establishment & Government has got itself into . Other sections

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