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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who look on and do nothing about it. Einstein 1879 – 1955

All of your Members for Parliament throughout the country have been informed, updated and provided with the evidence in preparation of this website, should it be needed in the face of silence and covering up and failure of this Conservative Government to protect the citizens from its own damned un-civil servants and those who actively took part and those attempting to cover up for them.

All council taxpayers remain under threat of these scams Government had thought been stopped by David Cameron’s and his anti-corruption MP? They hadn’t. Although primarily England as I thought the V.O.A had revalued Wales but it might seem that was cancelled too as a headline in Wales Online in March 2013 says it was “ditched” and now we see the honesty and integrity of this Valuation Office Agency, its plain it needs a ROOT & BRANCH CLEAR OUT and as soon as possible, from the very top of this Government Agency right down to the bottom.

The Cameron Government failed although at least they tried, two successive Governments after have done nothing although aware. It has been exposed and now needs the millions of council taxpayers, the hard working families, the tenants, our hundreds of thousands of business ratepayers to complain as if you don’t those in the V.O.A may just continue as they did after efforts to make them stop.

I have had to fight these scams the corruption and cover up for over the past 6.5 years, lastly our own MP inactive and went silent, after our meeting, just how offensive was that Joy Morrissey MP for Beaconsfield?

COMPLAIN, PROTEST & MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD otherwise these frauds may keep happening as they did after the first attempts to stop them. ……………We cannot let them start up a third time

Members of Parliament say their hands are tied from these Parliamentary “Protocols” yet these V.O.A fraudsters followed NO protocols, charters, the council tax manual or our laws and legislations. Unfortunately our own M.P not bound by these “protocols” simply disappeared after our face to face meeting in February 2020 after the General Election late 2019 and for nearly 2 years in February has remained silent, behaving like those who scammed and bullied us.

The V.O.A hadn’t stopped after Lord Pickles actions, as my wife and I would not have been defrauded and abused for them to cover up for what they did to three others eight months before. But one complained and rightly so, but it initiated those crooks return eight months later as they needed to scam my wife and I to cover up what they had done and we became collateral victims as did two other senior citizens.

Barging into our home when I was in recovery from my second cancer and over a year of cancer treatments and surgery, so had to get up from my bed to be defrauded and abused, losing our cancer support utility room and it’s medical equipment storage. I was then forced to walk the local roads as these crooks had disappeared and gone silent to all and every communication to understand what had happened and from that located two more in addition to our next door neighbour scammed eight months before.

I even slept in the downstairs dining room for a while instead of the downstairs bedroom included in this fraudulent and abuse Band A an extra £130 a month they added to make us take the Band G quietly later. We initially trusted like all of you scammed will have done, no longer and it will never happen twice

But these civil servants didn’t give a damned hoot in their quest for these (unwanted council taxes.). Proven to be fraudulent when clear definitive evidence the V.O.A were fraudulent was discovered in October 2015 and much more evidence later.

Using bully boy tactics to intimidate as well, which they did to my wife and to our incapacitated neighbour three minutes walk away over at the farm being extorted for thousands of pounds, but not discovered till December a few months later.

I didn’t discover her sadly till the 17th December 2015 before I could step in between her, the V.O.A and the District Council for her protection, shameful. By then she was very distraught, intimidated and fearful, the V.O.A. refusing to visit her several times but all part of the scam.

The District council flooding them with demands for payments they never owed and “final” demands in addition, the poor lady didn’t know which way to turn, quite intimidated by it all.

The V.O.A had been in and ferreted through our home twice, with a third request later from this V.O.A “case” officer to visit. She didn’t want or planned to visit, that request was just for the purposes of the scam to issue a Final Notice which meant PAY UP or go to a Tribunal. (read statement of evidence November 2020 Eight Acres)

The V.O.A refusing to visit our neighbour at the Farm repeatedly causing her much distress. The Farm and our good neighbour was a three minute walk from our front gate, but I was unaware of her distress and circumstances until later. The V.O.A barging into our home in late September of 2015.and it’s February 2022 now.

They told her she needed evidence, we found later evidence made no difference and it didn’t at her corrupt and rigged Tribunal either, but I managed despite that to protect them from the extortion attempts made upon them with the assistance of a new South Bucks District Council Chief Executive replacing the one that had fled and was colluding with the V.O.A from Reading.

These scams were carefully thought out as our Police are metaphorically handcuffed, they had rigged colluding Tribunals waiting for anyone who even asked a question, a dishonest untruthful and covering up Adjudicator and finally a pointless inactive covering up Parliamentary Ombudsman or P.H.S.O and all of us as taxpayers are paying for them to do that to us.

Parliament and MPs are shackled by protocols. Now its up to the people, the homeowners, tenants and businesses to get these scams stopped by being aware and prepared to fend off those civil servants wishing to financially defraud and bully them as needed.

DO NOT EVER let a V.O.A civil servant into your home or your premises, don’t even let them onto your property, you have been cautioned and warned the best I can at this time given the inaction of this Government, latterly our own MP Joy Morrissey for Beaconsfield silent now for nearly 2 years after our first face to face meeting so thank you Joy Morrissey MP for Beaconsfield.

No family or individual should have to experience what two families have done in particular and others before, given the evidence was clear and unequivocal as far back as October 2015 .

Proving Government has learned nothing from the past and despite our society being fed fine words, the corruption, abuse and the the shame of Government, its public and civil servants and lack of action from Parliament remains the same or worse since Mr & Mrs Tanners evidence housed in the Parliamentary archives.


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