OCTOBER 2021 updated

There have been significant numbers of communications of letters and copy emails to both Prime Ministers, Cabinet & Heads of the Civil Service, updates too, all have been ignored, with none responded to from the very beginning and in September now 2021 its been 6 years of silence, refusal to meet or respond and now our own MP disappeared 18 months ago after our face to face meeting on the 8th February 2020. To Quote Lord Dyson: A perfect essay in evading the point and denying the truth and it has been just that for the past nearly six years. Maybe our Government and Parliament need a committee to review how they behave towards members of the public abused by Crown HM Civil Servants.

No family or individual should have to experience what two families have done in particular and others before, given the evidence was clear and unequivocal as far back as October 2015 proving Government has learned nothing from the past and despite our society being fed fine rhetoric. Like our Home Secretary and the only “party of law and order”, and our the Prime Minister May 2021 stating we must come down hard on criminals that make our lives a misery, the corruption, abuse and the the shame of Government its public and civil servants and Parliament remains the same. These civil servants were not effectively dealt with the first time


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