The Prime Minister in May 2021 said he would hammer down on crime making people’s lives a misery, as the Home Secretaries both Priti Patel and Sajid Javid MP said the Conservatives are the Party of Law and Order

But fraud via your civil servants is a crime so what have you or anyone else in Government done about it, as evidence says it’s not new and was in operation before we were scammed.

Yet you, even your predecessor and Mr Harra of H.M.R.C have to date been as silent as the very criminals themselves, little wonder corruption in the establishment is and has been so rife with the Establishment looking the other way and ultimately has been proven to be a bit of a swamp Prime Minister, but we expect you may have been aware of that fact, as these were civil servants paid via the public purse, as you all are in Government and the Establishment.

Despite my best efforts and in the face of the irrefutable evidence and after our own MP was struck dumb, I need to move forward so I may return to my retirement and if you wont protect society from these people, I need to relate our experiences and that of our small community over the past years trying to obtain a crumb of justice.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and every member of the Cabinet and others have remained silent throughout, although fully informed. As did his predecessor, former Prime Minister Theresa May.

Everyone silent despite Prime Minister David Cameron’s actions to make the Valuation Office Agency cease what they were doing to citizens and it seems our businesses large and small as well.

This Government Agency continued abusing homeowners, what has been done? Very many letters, copy emails, updates in every conceivable format have been sent but all ignored, every one of them, and both Prime Ministers and offices remained silent and to quote Lord Dyson:- A perfect essay in evading the point and denying the truth 

Nothing since David Cameron and Lord Pickles actions and attempts, and its been 6 years of corruption and abusive behaviour in attempts to cover up. With the publics help via Twitter, Facebook and other social mediums these events, scams and bully boy tactics can be shared throughout the United Kingdom for the safety, security and wellbeing of our homeowners and businesses.

I can then and will return to what was a peaceful retirement until my wife and I and our neighbours were scammed. Our monthly council tax bill doubled to £450 another being extorted for many thousands upon thousands of pounds they never ever owed.

What else have your civil servants done Prime Minister, Simon Clarke Cabinet Secretary and Alex Chisholm Chief Executive of the Civil Service, and quite important, are they still doing it?

No family or individual should have to experience what two families have done in particular and others before, given the evidence was clear and unequivocal as far back as October 2015 proving Government has learned nothing from the past and despite our society being fed fine rhetoric. Like our Home Secretary and the only “party of law and order”, and the Prime Minister May 2021 stating we must come down hard on criminals that make our lives a misery, the corruption, abuse and the the shame of Government its public and civil servants and Parliament remains the same. These civil servants were not effectively dealt with the first time


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