Dear Members of Parliament,

Thank you again to those of you who responded to inform us of Parliamentary “protocols” but you were not informed to seek assistance, but for information and for preparation in case the following steps needed to be undertaken with the failure of Government to step in a second time after the failure of their first efforts.

Those next steps regretfully are now underway due to this Conservative Government, its Establishment and Parliaments failure to protect our homeowners & tenant’s.

All of them council taxpayers and ratepayers and yes the taxpayers have “procedures” for complaints and that path has been exposed for what it is and what it was before us and will remain so unless actions are taken and some heads are pulled out of and from the sand.

You all have been informed and advised with evidence of those “complaint procedures” the rigged and corrupt and rigged Department for Communities sponsored Tribunals.

The whitewash and untruthful Adjudicator, followed by a busy doing nothing and retreating P.H.S.O as will the taxpayers have to know due to this Government, the Establishment and Parliaments bunker mentality when things go wrong as usually its only criminals who remain silent.

But that’s been seen and experienced before by others, so not new either and your constituents will now be informed for their own protections, but that will take some time to get around the United Kingdom but one must persevere to prevent the corruption and bully boy tactics to other homeowners.

Our M.P for Beaconsfield remained silent for over a year after a face to face meeting in February 2020 and has not asked one, not one question of her five constituent’s scammed, but at least we met.

Something those very dishonest in the V.O.A a Government Agency failed to do, never once complying with the Council Tax Manual or their own H.M.R.C charter for what they were found to be worth. Pointless now as was the P.H.S.O Parliamentary Ombudsman, the last in the covering up and dishonest complaints chain for the protection of the people.

Staggering and appalling as it’s been going on for some time that was quite clear from the evidence unearthed.

The H.M.R.C serious misconduct panel being evasive and non-responsive despite its responsibilities to the public as the Valuation Office Agency is part of their organisation.

When asked for an update after twelve months our M.Ps response was “what did we want her to do” so not only a waste of time meeting a year ago and from that we need to consider our M.P cannot distinguish between right and wrong, civil from criminal, but we know that cannot be the case.

But I will leave that for her constituents the homeowners and local businesses to decide from the evidence and facts for their own protections.

Each one of your constituents now, for it’s quite clear they are unprotected from this Government Agency and those within it, being scammed, bullied and abused in their own homes by those they pay for from the V.O.A the Valuation Office Agency. Bad enough it will be said from those who should trust our public services then read of the past 5 1⁄2 years of council tax corruption and much else.

It transpired to be much deeper than just those dishonest and unscrupulous civil servants who barged into our homes, our laws, systems, rules, charters, common decency cast to one side. Yes your protocols exploited too along with our handcuffed to the railings Police Service as these frauds and abuses are termed “civil” when in fact they were “criminal” after all, and the House and Government have been informed more than the one time now.

The Act of Parliament for the V.T.S Tribunal Service which starts as a bill introduced in the Commons or the Lords.

When agreed by both Houses of Parliament and has been given Royal Assent by the Monarch, it becomes an Act. The people should ask how this Act was ever passed without the need for any oath, but the evidence is clear this Act has been used and abused and also exploited to defraud the public and most likely our businesses too and each one of you representing your constituents should by now have a full understanding.

Certainly this Conservative Government, the Justice Secretary, the Attorney Generals informed, two heads of H.M.R.C and the V.O.A will have that understanding and will have had that for quite some time already.

For those of you in Parliament who may have read the link and evidence within the Parliamentary Archives from a Mr. & Mrs. Tanner, themselves abused by the Valuation Office Agency and the system and failed by the Ombudsman, Mr. Tanner hit the nail on the head.

The “Establishment” has learnt nothing from its past, Government either it seems and its plain it has no wish to either and continues to abuse and bully the hands that feed them, the British tax payers.
We lost our cancer care support facility and relocated from our family home as we were lied to and abused like our longest term neighbour across the road an incapacitated lady and tenants being extorted for money they never owed we lost our family home where we had lived for 47 years but my intimidated wife is now nearer our daughter and grandchildren and is happier after the events, the main point of the relocation process.

What say Article 8 Human Rights Prime Minister and Justice Secretary? Mr Robert Buckland QCMP The author of these wordsOne of the components of the rule of law is” (openness and transparency)

Those informed from 2015 onwards were the two covering up and inactive V.O.A Chief Executives Mrs Penny Ciniewicz then a Melissa Tatton, her dishonest Customer Service Manager Ms Helen Zammit- Willson with two Ls the offending V.O.A Listing Officer Andrew Corkish of course.

Two H.M.R.C Permanent Secretary’s and their Serious Misconduct, but avoiding and covering up Panel. Several Attorney Generals, several Justice Secretaries the last being Robert Buckland QCMP, then Greg Clark MP, Sajid Javid MP, James Brokenshire MP and the last in that Tribunal sponsoring Government Housing Department, Robert Buckland MP,

Mr Rees-Mogg MP and the Treasury Select Committee, three of them now, the last chairman Mr Mel Stride Conservative MP and former Leader of the House of Commons 

The Prime Minister Theresa May and her Cabinet, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Cabinet, Priti Patel MP Home Secretary and the Home Office, two sets of Civil Service Chief Executives, and two sets of Cabinet Secretaries and the Police and the Chief Constable for Buckinghamshire, the C.P.S.

Not forgetting John Penrose MP for Weston Super Mare the alleged PMs Anti-Corruption Champion yet, did nothing throughout, said nothing.

Yet would have known of Sir Pickles, his predecessors serious actions to make this insidious Government Agency the V.O.A cease and desist what he called (unwanted council taxes) but they ignored PM Cameron and Lord Pickles otherwise we and the neighbours eight months before us would not have been scammed, abused and bullied by these criminal V.O.A operatives causing the loss of my cancer support utility room.

Eventually forcing me to relocate my wife nearer our family, as fraud is designated a criminal act unsurprisingly

Our first MP who assisted after nearly 4 years of me walking the most corrupt and covering up complaints system for the people, you and I, making V.O.A Melissa Tatton breach the Civil Service Code for what it was worth.

So she has gone but not forgotten, but although she was very senior in H.M.R.C she didn’t manage to get back to H.M.R.C like Penny Ciniewicz her predecessor but to Ofcom, but she should have resigned as Penny Ciniewicz equally covered up throughout and how much are both paid from the public taxpayer purse?

Every sitting M.P pre and post Brexit after the General Election clear-out of Brexit remainers, were notified with the statements, our MP for 22 years being one of them the Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QCMP. I have probably missed a few out and will update later, but what did any of them do…nothing didn’t even respond to the facts and evidence provided.

Yet Mr Javid went on to become Home Secretary, and Mr Brokenshire went on to become Under Secretary of State for Crime and Security so how ironic was that?

I was threatened with legal action by the extremely dishonest VTS Clerk for impeaching his character he wrote, I responded I couldn’t have as he never had any.

The V.O.A and a Director from Canary Wharf threatened me with legal action and I responded the same day asking him and the Valuation Office Agency to proceed with all haste. Never heard again which was a pity as otherwise I would not have needed to to this to warn our fellow homeowners, tenants and businesses.

I have pushed hard for some Justice after my wife and I thought my second serious cancer would see me off. I think at times this fight for Justice has kept me going.

2nd May 2021 Boris Johnson is reported to have said, we need to hammer down hard on criminals causing so much misery.

Well they did boast they were the Party of Law and Order, but not in Burnham, Bucks they weren’t then or for the past 5.6 years of seeking Justice, as like others before us, these rigged and corrupt tribunals they underwent, we could neither afford the High Court.

But it became this Governments responsibility after the evidence was secured, but they and their Ministers have been most reticent and why this website to warn society of these dishonest uncivil servants and the Government Agency they belong to. If Government wont protect us we will have to do that ourselves.


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