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Are you serious Joy Morrissey MP for Beaconsfield? Why wont you talk to your civil servant scammed constituents after the one face to face meeting, then not acknowledging just disappearing and after that unresponsive to us all? Other Members of Parliament cannot assist as they are bound, their hands tied by these “protocols”

You are NOT BOUND by those “protocols” as our Member of Parliament we are forced to turn to. I was only seeking some confirmation after we met that it was all being looked into, nothing more, nothing less at that point, but you couldn’t even do that as our Parliamentary Representative

Yours and others actions with Parliament procedures, cover ups and avoidances are precisely what encourages corruption in our public & civil services and allows it to continue unabated. The citizens and your constituents have to suffer the lack of control, the proper oversight & management of public servants provided with powers they have misused to scam and swindle homeowners. Coupled with the bunker mentality that always appears to accompany Government and Public Service serious wrongdoing to society.

A perfect essay in evading the point and denying the truth wrote Lord Dyson on the covering up actions of the BBC Tony Hall and others in that organisation. Ministers are reported to have said they will restore trust in the BBC that’s nice. But please tell us all Joy Morrissey MP how these Ministers are to restore the public’s faith & trust in our public servants, their own M.P given your behaviour, their council tax, our business rates, the covering up and proven corrupted & very unsafe complaints path and this disloyal, corrupt and untrustworthy Valuation Office Agency, in addition everyone’s local councils too given ours conspired to defraud us with the V.O.A taking the lead.


Those words of denying the truth from Lord Dyson could equally apply to those in our Government and the events surrounding Lord Pickles ( unwanted council taxes) unwanted yes, but proven now fraudulent and abusive with it from the Valuation Office Agency and their conspiring accomplices together with those not involved, but who attempted to cover up these sordid and fraudulent events and hence fraud = criminal. There is little disincentive to stop them, no wonder they ignored the outgoing Cameron Government & Pickles, any penalties never applied so have become no threat to dishonesty.

The circumstance surrounding the ruthless financial extortion from our Farm neighbours was sordid, contrived and unacceptable as you will all read. Our neighbours end of life care for her Mother, her name was Mollie, was shamefully, and ruthlessly exploited by the V.O.A operatives to scam them, once the public read and understand it might put care at home back to the dark ages, but for many just how safe were our Nursing Homes from Covid-19 over care at home with the family. Hopefully now many of them are much safer for people’s loved ones?


The England revaluations were cancelled, databases were closed to the V.O.A and their staff barred from our homes. My wife and I had already been defrauded and abused resulting in the loss of our cancer care utility room providing us support as explained in the statement of evidence. So there was both of us, our neighbours and others before us with the Cameron Government intervention and attempts to stop the Valuation Office Agency defrauding them to no avail.

I had by then met with our former M.P the Rt Hon Dominic Grieve Q.C.M.P who told my wife and I we needed to attend a Tribunal, and I hope he was as unknowing as we were and what was to follow. After we met at the conservative offices in Beaconsfield I discovered another V.O.A victim our friends and neighbours over at the farm on the 17th December 2015 so now five innocent households known about, the Farm a 3 minute walk from our front gate.

They were suffering a criminal extortion attempt by the V.O.A & the District Council for a sum of £22,000 subsequently proven they never owed, not one penny of it. Formerly of Eight Acres SL1 our family home for forty seven years, we had been scammed too, losing our medical utility and forcing onto us a council tax bill of nearly £450 a month and yes it’s a lot isn’t it, but also proven we never owed either.

So serious for both yet here we are in April 2022 and the first evidence of fraud exposed in October 2015 with our own M.P from the 2019 elections disappearing after we met, and for over 18 months now silent & non responsive just like those who had defrauded and abused us so unappreciated of course?


Later two elderly widows in Hamilton Gardens where the first evidence we had been scammed was unearthed, both ladies who were band F were threatened by this Reading CT East V.O.A Listing Officer in his attempts to cover up for his staff who represented him.

They were scamming homeowners in his name and clearly with his approval and those above him who were quite aware of these scams upon the British people, but we’re covering up for these and other actions elsewhere.

My wife was concerned nearly being a widow herself and pressed me repeatedly to relocate to nearer to our daughter and our grandchildren, which we eventually did in June 2020 after 47 years in our family home. Sums of £450 a month corrupt council tax demands were not sustainable anyway plus we had lost our cancer support and medical box-room designated deceitfully as a “Food Preparation Area” to band us with an A band at £130 extra a month to “persuade” us later to just accept a Band G for the V.O.A to cover up what they had done to others in our community.


Those that defrauded and abused us then simply disappeared off a cliff, our Government, its Ministers and all its Departments, Senior Civil Servants, our M.P silent and no help from anyone. Not even our Police who were handcuffed to the railings by the term “civil” despite the clear evidence of fraud when a complaint was lodged from the five households at Maidenhead Police Station in the constituency of the former Prime Minister Theresa May as ours had been closed.

The Police themselves were even exploited by these fraudulent Reading civil servants, the Police utilised to intimidate rather than than those crooks simply respond to us, by sending them to our front door. The Police unaware they were being exploited as Parliament have been too with your protocols, and now you told I presume to stay silent and unresponsive after we met.

It wasn’t your choice one hopes and I’m assuming, but the longer you remain silent and unhelpful and it’s been 2 years this February 2022 since we met, we are left to conclude your action, or lack of it, is further covering up behaviour and hence this central point for the British public, our homeowners, tenants and businesses so they at least have some chance of protecting themselves against these dishonest people and their modus operandi now explained.

Everyone remained silent, damned disgraceful and leaves a clear and free path for these fraudsters and they have been taking full advantage of it as everyone looks away, inactive & silent. We are not allowed it would be said to take the law into our own hands, so have to rely on what turned out to be a heavily corrupted system and it did not become like that overnight.

This term “food preparation area” was not a legislative term anyway & used to deceive us which it did, confused the hell out of us, but only as we were foolishly trusting. We had a kitchen like normal people for food preparation of course and why this small box room utility was to provide cancer support and help prevent cross infection confirmed by a later professionals hygiene report. It had its own washing machine, medical equipment storage & facilities, but we were trusting if not very confused as these were H.M civil servants of the Crown? The Executive Arm of H.M.R.C

Do please be warned people from here onwards April 2022 so you can protect your homes and your families welfare, if not your neighbours too and the vulnerable older in our communities living on their own.

Two young families in their brand new built four bedroom detached homes having to wait for over a year for their council tax bands. They wrote, they complained and wrote again with the V.O.A blaming the District Council, the Council blaming the V.O.A when it all along it was my fault as the Listing Officer was covering, delaying the process hoping I would have given up.

For you see those two homes had to be banded an F band as those three Band F and my wife and I should have remained before being defrauded and the bands uplifted via criminality and low life stealth methods. My wife and I financially screwed and abused more than the three homeowners they were trying to cover up for eight months before.


My wife as well as our neighbour over at the Farm intimidated by the events as was Mr Tanners wife if you read his evidence in the Parliamentary Archives. The first time in 47 years my wife has ever felt intimidated in her own home. My career entailed much travel overseas and my wife was often alone with our children sometimes for months, but always felt safe in her own home and why shouldn’t she? Read about a Mr & Mrs Tanner and the Valuation Office Agency and Ombudsman from this link below.

Our Prime Minister recently stating We need to come down hard on criminals who make peoples live a misery, yet hasn’t cracked down on his own civil servants who made our lives a damned misery and the lives of our good neighbours over at the Farm. The Home Secretary said the party of law and order, but many scammed in their own homes by their own public servants will disagree.

Maybe our Lord Chancellor too the Rt Hon Robert Buckland who had a senior civil servant steal from his own Justice Department £1.7 million of taxpayers money, that’s your money all those reading this.

Our council tax bill doubled in a matter of days and as we were retired, it was financially serious for us. The council tax demands of £450 a month, with our neighbours over at the Farm being extorted for thousands upon thousands of pounds. Bullied and intimidated for it too by the Valuation Office Agency and aided by the colluding District Council utilising Northgate Public Services.

But the V.O.A scammers had gone immediately to ground refusing to answer questions, respond to communications and were completely unresponsive after two unwanted bullying entries to our home. And those senior above them both in London as well as Nottingham knew what was going on. They even sent the Police to our door a couple of times to intimidate, rather than respond and why is in the November 2020 statement of evidence to you Joy and all your colleagues in Parliament but it was all provided well before too.


Despite us finding later the Valuation Office Agency had been BARRED from barging into people’s homes by David Cameron’s Government and Sir Eric Pickles his Anti-Corruption M.P. .Good grief what was going on?

Ours and the farms evidence statements, the others were provided to you, your predecessor, this and the former Conservative & Central Government and every member of Parliament the Police and the Press. And now despite my efforts to avoid it now needs to told to the millions of others under threat due to the cover ups.


(1) Thanks to the Valuation Office Agency for the bully boy tactics, the fraud and the intimidation to my wife and our good neighbours and their family over at the farm. Three other neighbours and other families in their homes elsewhere in the United Kingdom before us? I thought your civil servant who barged in to our home was a cold hearted woman until I discovered our elderly neighbours over at the Farm a couple of months later being extorted by the same woman for many thousands of pounds

(2) Thank you for the criminal and most inconvenient loss of our cancer support utility room due to your lies, deceits and scam. Thanks for me dislocating my shoulder tripping over new hall carpet I wouldn’t have done. I managed to put it back but had to attend Hospital for an x-ray , but found 42 people waiting in accident and emergency at 6pm as I counted them then, as couldn’t see their doctor neither me although we tried .Then exercise therapy for a few months but needed to obtain the latest value with our Estate Agents for supporting evidence over these scams of yours. But ALL the evidence was a waste of time wasn’t it with such corruption of rigged tribunals covering up and criminality underway.

(3) Thanks too for making us relocate after 47 years from our home to another due to your covering up and abuse, your methods of intimidation, your silence & unresponsive routine to everything after robbing us and our friends over at the farm for some quick council cash, not owed. Those involved should be in prison like other fraudsters, but it’s not only those from V.O.A Reading Berks so how much prison space do we have Mr Robert Buckland Q.C.M.P Justice Secretary ? As we may need to build a few more to accommodate those corrupt and their accomplices in what we all call …. The Establishment. You have already had one senior civil servant in your Justice Department sent down who robbed you of £1.7 million of taxpayers money you were responsible for.

(4) Having to move and relocate so we could provide the same medical support, even though I had to have installed a stairlift, a new bathroom and aided shower (not easy during a lockdown), as now my cancer support and medical equipment storage is on the first floor in our small third bedroom/study. Where before we had what was needed on the ground floor of our family home before these un-civil servants barged in to defraud and rob us to cover up other council cash scams in our community. What nice people you all were and paid for from the public purse, contributed to by those you were scamming.

(5) Thank you to the Department for Communities and over the period it’s four elected and very silent, looking the other way Conservative Cabinet Ministers for sponsoring the three rigged and unpleasant tribunals we had to endure and others before us and a special thank you to Mrs Helen Megarry and her “special” adjudication department, for her pre warned whitewashing lies and V.O.A collusion. Then our P.H.S.O or Parliamentary Ombudsman who receives taxpayers money for apparently doing nothing as insufficient powers allegedly, so no protection for the abused citizens all along this found to be corrupted and unsavoury complaints path

(6) To our Cabinet Secretary’s and our Civil Service Chief Executives currently Simon Case and Alex Chisholm who replaced the two before that our Prime Minister ” moved on”. Thank you for doing nothing, not even responding to communication’s direct to each of you, breaching your own damned published rules. These very dishonest civil servants are ultimately your responsibility. Scamming the public who pay for them as the public also pay for the both of you. Not the other way round and you both should remember that next time you fail to carry out your responsibilities to those of the public abused ultimately by your employees but who the taxpayers fund. You both of all others, should have taken some action well before now, 6 years although the first time your civil servants were up to no good was before your time, but are they still at it Mr Chisholm? We don’t know and why this warning website sadly became necessary despite very strenuous efforts to avoid as you both know, the civil service can’t operate or function properly without public trust as without it there becomes a problem.

(7) Unable to leave out or forget our own colluding District Council and Northgate Public Services who played a locally active role with these corrupt and devious V.O.A civil servants from Reading Berkshire. Involved with us all, but particularly despicable behaviour to our friends at the Farm posting a waterfall of financial & final demands through their letterbox when they never owed any of it? The poor lady was fearful and anxious and didn’t know which way to turn, yet today February 2022 still silent and in denial.

(8) Despite having as all District Councils, a clear mandate to ensure you protect your council taxpayers from fraudulent activities, you are NOT supposed to take part in any fraud to your trusting council taxpayers. Shortage of revenue cannot be addressed by fraud.

(9) Last but not least our elected Government, it’s Ministers who have all failed to lift a finger or assist along with Parliament strapped by their own protocols. Little wonder this Government Agency has been managing to defraud and abuse the people so long, as nobody appears to be able to stop them do they Prime Minister?

(10) Why you retain an “anti-corruption” champion we all wait to hear sometime as John Penrose MP for Weston Super Mare and his team at the Home Office seem to be a pointless waste of taxpayers money, having remained idle these past years yet aware and fully knowing of the work the anti- corruption champion the Rt Hon Eric Jack Pickles MP did before him regarding those dishonest and corrupt civil servants?

(11) And Joy Morrissey MP, all you ever needed to do instead of running off to be silent, evasive and unresponsive after our pleasant first meet face to face. Was just to confirm it would all be looked into, no more no less, but you couldn’t even do that regretfully. Hence the website in case you are attempting to cover up like Central Government and who are not making a good job of it either?

Eventually and after much abuse, time and effort the scams exposed all the rest and just how deeper these euphemistically termed (Unwanted Council Taxes) and all that went with just those three words. Throughout our society and to all those unsuspecting homeowners and tenants and our businesses too given events in the High & Supreme Courts over the period and the huge backlog of business complainants held by this Valuation Office Agency an Executive Arm of H.M.R.C who played their own part covering up later via their special “Misconduct Panel” to deal with such issues, but who dropped the shutters down, went silent and avoiding.

.Let us know if you have had some VOA “experience”, domestic or business, or you wish the latest one way communication please email to


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